Saturday, September 19, 2009

Editorial: The GU Gains Freedom, Presses For Equality

When the members of the Grotian Underground began this blog some weeks ago, our stated objectives were to share the progress of our struggle for freedom and to tell the stories of our lives, which were not as fine as some Proscripts thought.

The arrest and removal from office of Garfield Jameson brings new opportunities for change. We support the choice of former Surgeon General Phillip Thomas as interim president, and we deeply appreciate all he has done on behalf of the Grotian people. We take this opportunity also to thank Xavier Jameson for his leadership and support of Grotian freedom.

We're especially grateful for the right to be fairly compensated for the work we do. This is a step in the right direction.

But is it enough? We say no. The jobs we have always done are the lowest level positions with little room for advancement. We've been unable to receive proper education or training for better jobs. When our young friend Katie dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can help other sick children, is it right that she should be limited by the menial wages her parents now can earn? Should she not have the same right to education as the Proscript children?

This situation is a long way from the equity all people deserve. The Grotian Underground will press for our rights in the upcoming elections and for as long as it takes for all citizens to have equality of opportunity and true freedom.

Friday, September 18, 2009

President Shoots Earl DeRosa, Confesses Jameson Family Lies

Recordings of the interrogation of Garfield Jameson obtained by GU freedom fighter Amandel reveal that the president, who was taken into custody on Wednesday following the alleged cold-blooded murder of Earl DeRosa, has perpetuated a myth regarding the history of the Proscripts and Grotians. DeRosa, a supporter of the Grotians, was co-owner of the wildly popular Sticky Itchers Shower Scrub along with Randy Porknut.

When confronted with his lies, Jameson revealed that the cherished story of a dragon battle won by the Proscripts was a myth created by architect Edward Jameson's grandchildren in order to seize power. By creating fear of a fire-breathing monster, the frightened Grotians remained at home and were easier to kill.

Those who remained in Proscript towns and knew the truth were "re-educated" to maintain the secret and to keep the family in power. As we have learned through recent experience, re-education is another term for lobotomy. Listen to Jameson finally speaking the truth here:

DeRosa lost his life while trying to prevent Jameson from shooting former Surgeon General Phillip Thomas, himself a GU supporter, in the basement of his building, Purity Towers.

Earlier in the day at Jameson's office, the president taunted Porknut about his friend DeRosa falling for the GU operative Bertha Effenberger. Effenberger asked DeRosa to forgive her in this recent message:

When Jameson called him a moron, Porknut apparently replied with his fist, breaking Jameson's nose.

Meanwhile, DeRosa, acting on behalf of the Grotian Underground, went to the basement of Purity Towers. There he found Jameson's son, Xavier, and his personal assistant, Justin, among others. He told the assembled group, "Y'all can't just go around kidnapping the president and turning the power off," while acknowledging the harm done to them.

Around the same time Thomas went to see Jameson at his office. Thomas confronted the president about how he'd lost control of the country and how his security forces were losing faith in him. Thomas said, "Look around you Garfield. You can't even keep the lights on. Your trespasses have earned you this and you know it. Face it like a man." Thomas told Jameson that they needed to go to Purity Towers because his enemies were holding the basement of Thomas's building. Jameson asked for support if he could negotiate peace, but Thomas sternly replied that they should go. Jameson complied but took along his loaded weapon.

Once there, Jameson called the assembled group enemies of the state and admitted to killing Xavier's friend and GU organizer Melvin Smith, formerly the communications coordinator for Proscript Properties.

Thomas then explained that he'd been working to reverse the terrible re-education procedure. When Thomas said that Jameson would be removed from office when it's learned what he's done, Jameson threatened to kill him. Thomas exclaimed, "You're insane! Put the gun down and face the consequences of your actions." Jameson turned to shoot Thomas but instead hit DeRosa, who died a hero's death while attempting to stop him.

A short while later, Porknut arrived at the PT basement with a picture of Edward Jameson wearing his wedding ring. He soon learned from Thomas that his friend DeRosa had died.

Porknut, speaking to his departed friend, expressed regret for not seeing through Garfield's lies. He took the wedding ring from DeRosa's finger to see if it was a match to the one in the picture of Edward Jameson. He discovered it was and that it also matched a groove in the nearby wall. He inserted the ring, and the crypt door opened revealing the grave and plaque that identified Edward Jameson only as founder of Proscript Properties.

Porknut recounts his recollection of recent events:

The entire community mourns the losses of Earl DeRosa and Melvin Smith, two extraordinary friends to the GU.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Editorial: Set Us All Free

President Jameson's son remains missing at this hour, and the power outage in the Proscription Zone continues.

While sources say that the Grotian Underground (GU) is responsible for the power outage, it is unclear who is holding the president's son.

The GU never has condoned violence, and the fight for Grotian freedom does not justify the kidnapping of an innocent young man.

Now is the time for calm but firm talk about all of our futures.

On her own It is time blog, Rosa Wells made this appeal, "To those people who have Jameson’s son, and to everyone who tries to discredit us: We, the Grotian Underground, disapprove of the kidnapping! This act stirs only hatred, and what we want is freedom, equality and reparation for the damage we suffered. Set him free!"

We at The GG agree with her position as it mirrors most of the conversations we've had with all of our fellow Grotians over these many weeks.

We want freedom. We want equality. We want justice. We want peace. We do not want anyone to suffer as we have done.

What does this mean in practical terms? Some Grotians want to stay in this area with their families. Others are wounded from a lifetime of oppression and prefer to start new lives somewhere else. We want the freedom to make our individual choices, and we want the financial ability to do so.

We fully support the GU in all non-violent efforts to bring about change, and we call upon those holding the president's son to give him the very freedom we all so desperately desire.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

President's Son Allegedly Kidnapped, Power Outage Continues

People's Proscript Party spokesperson Dan Framlin has reported that during the ongoing power blackout the son of President Garfield Jameson was kidnapped.

Framlin alleges that Jameson's son was taken hostage by "Grotian terrorists." There is no report of demands being made for his return at this hour.

Official Party news reports will be suspended until power is restored, Framlin said in the message below.

GU Suceeds In Cutting Power To Proscription Zone

BREAKING NEWS: In a stunning act of sabotage aimed at helping to free re-educated Grotians, the Grotian Underground has successfully cut power to the entire Proscription Zone. More details will follow as events warrant.

The official People's Proscript Party statement appears below.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Art And Music Encourage Freedom Efforts

One of the Grotian Underground's most passionate freedom fighters, Amandel, has crafted this beautiful artwork to inspire Grotians and Proscripts alike to press on with efforts to win justice and equality for all.

Amandel calls the poster, which features a quotation from the legendary folksinger Joni Mitchell, a "signpost" to the GU's theme song, "Re-education (Through Labor)" by the band Rise Against, which is featured on their album Appeal To Reason. A favorite video version by antiflag85 is found here:

As the entire community continues to mourn the losses sustained in Saturday's mass escapes from the Proscription Zone, we are uplifted by Amandel's art and the music that inspires her --and all of us -- to continue on the path to a better life.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Community Mourns Loss of Grotian and Proscript Citizens

In an unprecedented act of cooperation, some Proscripts joined with a group of Grotian Underground members to free hundreds of Grotians who were still pending the horrific re-education process yesterday.

The entire community is mourning those losses today while also rejoicing in the fact that many of their family and friends have reached safe haven outside of the Proscription Zone.

An inside source tells us that all who made it out are "doing great."

The team members, whose names are being withheld to protect their identities, lost more than 100 Grotians as well as some Proscripts in the first wave of the plan's implementation.

Subsequent efforts were substantially more successful but came with additional loss of life.

Remaining members of the GU have asked The GG to express condolences to all of those who sustained losses, especially the Proscripts who aided this effort at considerable personal risk.

Friday, September 4, 2009

There Is More Than One Way To Lose Someone

My Robert's eyes used to glimmer like the clear blue lake where my boss has a vacation home. So bright and blue they would light up a room. I thought about that each time I was taken there to set up the house for the family's summer visit. God gifted Robert with good looks and a gentle soul, and I have been blessed to know and love him.

I saw him briefly after his "re-education." His eyes looked cold and vacant, frozen, empty. It was so shocking to see him that way. My turn was coming up and I dreaded it. Only two people were in line in front of me when the power went out. Security, not knowing what else to do, told us to go home and wait to be brought back.

Whispered rumors say that the Grotian Underground made it happen and saved many of us from torture today. Thank you GU!

Robert should have been there when I arrived. The section of tunnel between our home and the center is pretty direct but he was not here. He is still not here, and no one can tell me where he is now. Has anyone seen my husband? Please get word to me if you know anything. Please.

How can other human beings let this happen?

~Brooke Allenby

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grotians Suffer Setback As Re-Education Continues

People's Proscript Party President Garfield Jameson has just announced a continuation of re-education of Grotians in light of last weekend's escapes from centers within the Proscription Zone.

Called by an eyewitness "...a brutal an inhumane act," these procedures are being examined by staff from Freedom International (FI), which arrived on the scene this week.

Grotian Underground Activist and blogger Rosa Wells reports that in her meeting with FI spokesperson Bill White she learned that the organization is taking testimony about the murders of four Grotians who escaped from a re-education facility. Follow her blog at:

Here is President Jameson's announcement: