Saturday, September 19, 2009

Editorial: The GU Gains Freedom, Presses For Equality

When the members of the Grotian Underground began this blog some weeks ago, our stated objectives were to share the progress of our struggle for freedom and to tell the stories of our lives, which were not as fine as some Proscripts thought.

The arrest and removal from office of Garfield Jameson brings new opportunities for change. We support the choice of former Surgeon General Phillip Thomas as interim president, and we deeply appreciate all he has done on behalf of the Grotian people. We take this opportunity also to thank Xavier Jameson for his leadership and support of Grotian freedom.

We're especially grateful for the right to be fairly compensated for the work we do. This is a step in the right direction.

But is it enough? We say no. The jobs we have always done are the lowest level positions with little room for advancement. We've been unable to receive proper education or training for better jobs. When our young friend Katie dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can help other sick children, is it right that she should be limited by the menial wages her parents now can earn? Should she not have the same right to education as the Proscript children?

This situation is a long way from the equity all people deserve. The Grotian Underground will press for our rights in the upcoming elections and for as long as it takes for all citizens to have equality of opportunity and true freedom.

Friday, September 18, 2009

President Shoots Earl DeRosa, Confesses Jameson Family Lies

Recordings of the interrogation of Garfield Jameson obtained by GU freedom fighter Amandel reveal that the president, who was taken into custody on Wednesday following the alleged cold-blooded murder of Earl DeRosa, has perpetuated a myth regarding the history of the Proscripts and Grotians. DeRosa, a supporter of the Grotians, was co-owner of the wildly popular Sticky Itchers Shower Scrub along with Randy Porknut.

When confronted with his lies, Jameson revealed that the cherished story of a dragon battle won by the Proscripts was a myth created by architect Edward Jameson's grandchildren in order to seize power. By creating fear of a fire-breathing monster, the frightened Grotians remained at home and were easier to kill.

Those who remained in Proscript towns and knew the truth were "re-educated" to maintain the secret and to keep the family in power. As we have learned through recent experience, re-education is another term for lobotomy. Listen to Jameson finally speaking the truth here:

DeRosa lost his life while trying to prevent Jameson from shooting former Surgeon General Phillip Thomas, himself a GU supporter, in the basement of his building, Purity Towers.

Earlier in the day at Jameson's office, the president taunted Porknut about his friend DeRosa falling for the GU operative Bertha Effenberger. Effenberger asked DeRosa to forgive her in this recent message:

When Jameson called him a moron, Porknut apparently replied with his fist, breaking Jameson's nose.

Meanwhile, DeRosa, acting on behalf of the Grotian Underground, went to the basement of Purity Towers. There he found Jameson's son, Xavier, and his personal assistant, Justin, among others. He told the assembled group, "Y'all can't just go around kidnapping the president and turning the power off," while acknowledging the harm done to them.

Around the same time Thomas went to see Jameson at his office. Thomas confronted the president about how he'd lost control of the country and how his security forces were losing faith in him. Thomas said, "Look around you Garfield. You can't even keep the lights on. Your trespasses have earned you this and you know it. Face it like a man." Thomas told Jameson that they needed to go to Purity Towers because his enemies were holding the basement of Thomas's building. Jameson asked for support if he could negotiate peace, but Thomas sternly replied that they should go. Jameson complied but took along his loaded weapon.

Once there, Jameson called the assembled group enemies of the state and admitted to killing Xavier's friend and GU organizer Melvin Smith, formerly the communications coordinator for Proscript Properties.

Thomas then explained that he'd been working to reverse the terrible re-education procedure. When Thomas said that Jameson would be removed from office when it's learned what he's done, Jameson threatened to kill him. Thomas exclaimed, "You're insane! Put the gun down and face the consequences of your actions." Jameson turned to shoot Thomas but instead hit DeRosa, who died a hero's death while attempting to stop him.

A short while later, Porknut arrived at the PT basement with a picture of Edward Jameson wearing his wedding ring. He soon learned from Thomas that his friend DeRosa had died.

Porknut, speaking to his departed friend, expressed regret for not seeing through Garfield's lies. He took the wedding ring from DeRosa's finger to see if it was a match to the one in the picture of Edward Jameson. He discovered it was and that it also matched a groove in the nearby wall. He inserted the ring, and the crypt door opened revealing the grave and plaque that identified Edward Jameson only as founder of Proscript Properties.

Porknut recounts his recollection of recent events:

The entire community mourns the losses of Earl DeRosa and Melvin Smith, two extraordinary friends to the GU.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Editorial: Set Us All Free

President Jameson's son remains missing at this hour, and the power outage in the Proscription Zone continues.

While sources say that the Grotian Underground (GU) is responsible for the power outage, it is unclear who is holding the president's son.

The GU never has condoned violence, and the fight for Grotian freedom does not justify the kidnapping of an innocent young man.

Now is the time for calm but firm talk about all of our futures.

On her own It is time blog, Rosa Wells made this appeal, "To those people who have Jameson’s son, and to everyone who tries to discredit us: We, the Grotian Underground, disapprove of the kidnapping! This act stirs only hatred, and what we want is freedom, equality and reparation for the damage we suffered. Set him free!"

We at The GG agree with her position as it mirrors most of the conversations we've had with all of our fellow Grotians over these many weeks.

We want freedom. We want equality. We want justice. We want peace. We do not want anyone to suffer as we have done.

What does this mean in practical terms? Some Grotians want to stay in this area with their families. Others are wounded from a lifetime of oppression and prefer to start new lives somewhere else. We want the freedom to make our individual choices, and we want the financial ability to do so.

We fully support the GU in all non-violent efforts to bring about change, and we call upon those holding the president's son to give him the very freedom we all so desperately desire.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

President's Son Allegedly Kidnapped, Power Outage Continues

People's Proscript Party spokesperson Dan Framlin has reported that during the ongoing power blackout the son of President Garfield Jameson was kidnapped.

Framlin alleges that Jameson's son was taken hostage by "Grotian terrorists." There is no report of demands being made for his return at this hour.

Official Party news reports will be suspended until power is restored, Framlin said in the message below.

GU Suceeds In Cutting Power To Proscription Zone

BREAKING NEWS: In a stunning act of sabotage aimed at helping to free re-educated Grotians, the Grotian Underground has successfully cut power to the entire Proscription Zone. More details will follow as events warrant.

The official People's Proscript Party statement appears below.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Art And Music Encourage Freedom Efforts

One of the Grotian Underground's most passionate freedom fighters, Amandel, has crafted this beautiful artwork to inspire Grotians and Proscripts alike to press on with efforts to win justice and equality for all.

Amandel calls the poster, which features a quotation from the legendary folksinger Joni Mitchell, a "signpost" to the GU's theme song, "Re-education (Through Labor)" by the band Rise Against, which is featured on their album Appeal To Reason. A favorite video version by antiflag85 is found here:

As the entire community continues to mourn the losses sustained in Saturday's mass escapes from the Proscription Zone, we are uplifted by Amandel's art and the music that inspires her --and all of us -- to continue on the path to a better life.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Community Mourns Loss of Grotian and Proscript Citizens

In an unprecedented act of cooperation, some Proscripts joined with a group of Grotian Underground members to free hundreds of Grotians who were still pending the horrific re-education process yesterday.

The entire community is mourning those losses today while also rejoicing in the fact that many of their family and friends have reached safe haven outside of the Proscription Zone.

An inside source tells us that all who made it out are "doing great."

The team members, whose names are being withheld to protect their identities, lost more than 100 Grotians as well as some Proscripts in the first wave of the plan's implementation.

Subsequent efforts were substantially more successful but came with additional loss of life.

Remaining members of the GU have asked The GG to express condolences to all of those who sustained losses, especially the Proscripts who aided this effort at considerable personal risk.

Friday, September 4, 2009

There Is More Than One Way To Lose Someone

My Robert's eyes used to glimmer like the clear blue lake where my boss has a vacation home. So bright and blue they would light up a room. I thought about that each time I was taken there to set up the house for the family's summer visit. God gifted Robert with good looks and a gentle soul, and I have been blessed to know and love him.

I saw him briefly after his "re-education." His eyes looked cold and vacant, frozen, empty. It was so shocking to see him that way. My turn was coming up and I dreaded it. Only two people were in line in front of me when the power went out. Security, not knowing what else to do, told us to go home and wait to be brought back.

Whispered rumors say that the Grotian Underground made it happen and saved many of us from torture today. Thank you GU!

Robert should have been there when I arrived. The section of tunnel between our home and the center is pretty direct but he was not here. He is still not here, and no one can tell me where he is now. Has anyone seen my husband? Please get word to me if you know anything. Please.

How can other human beings let this happen?

~Brooke Allenby

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Grotians Suffer Setback As Re-Education Continues

People's Proscript Party President Garfield Jameson has just announced a continuation of re-education of Grotians in light of last weekend's escapes from centers within the Proscription Zone.

Called by an eyewitness "...a brutal an inhumane act," these procedures are being examined by staff from Freedom International (FI), which arrived on the scene this week.

Grotian Underground Activist and blogger Rosa Wells reports that in her meeting with FI spokesperson Bill White she learned that the organization is taking testimony about the murders of four Grotians who escaped from a re-education facility. Follow her blog at:

Here is President Jameson's announcement:

Monday, August 31, 2009

Breaking News: Freedom International To Investigate Human Rights Abuses

The GG has learned that a team from the internationally renowned organization Freedom International (FI) has arrived to investigate alleged human rights abuses by President Garfield Jameson's administration.

"FI has received hundreds of reports about the torture of citizens who spoke out for basic human rights. Extended brutal interrogation techniques, if proven to be true, will not be tolerated by the international community," said spokesperson Bill White.

"Further, FI has been told that Grotian citizens earn only minimal wages and do not have access to basic health care. All of these issues and others will be looked at carefully in the coming days."

Grotians Reflect On Weekend Searches

The weekend searches of Grotian homes in the Proscription Zone ordered by President Garfield Jameson have left Grotian hearts and personal objects broken but have renewed the peoples' desire for change. Below are some reflections on what it was like throughout our communities.

This was much worse than I’d imagined. They came in dark clothes with hoods on their heads. Shoved me aside, tore my place apart. ~ Rosa Wells

The tears will not stop. That china cup they broke was the only thing left belonging to my grandmother. It was everything to me. ~ Anonymous

My boss gave me some of his daughter's old books for my son this week. Why did they have to rip those apart? Could a Sword of Flames be hiding in there? ~ Cyrus Smith

How can I tell my children they are safe when they can't be protected in their own home? Michael didn't get up fast enough from his cot, and they yanked him up by his arm. ~ Elliot Eames

Why would I -- or any of us -- take that sword? Look at the destruction to our few possessions! We had no reason to take it. ~ Anonymous

One person benefited from the theft and one only. Admit what you have done and make this right for all people. Then you will be a true leader and someone people will respect. ~ Anonymous

No more! No more! No more! We will not tolerate this abuse any longer. We will be strong and stand together. As Rosa Wells has said so eloquently, "It is time." ~ Wilson Benson

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Personal Reflection On "Re-education"

If the Proscript Party had given me an education in something other than scrubbing floors in the beginning, then I would full understand the need for them to 'refresh' my mind.

But they didn't.

Yeah, they're good like that.

What I know about the world, the way I describe things, the words I use, the books I've read and my overwhelming sense of knowing that what's happening to me and my peers is not right, that's all me. I've gotten to where I am now, all by myself. I don't see my job as being anything to write about. Nor do I see it as any great achievement in my life, so before anyone starts going on about how helpful the party's been in that respect - just don't.

I clean up the Proscripts' messes after they've made them, safe in the knowledge that they wouldn't be alive if it weren't for my great grandfather. What a way to make a living. Wait. Stop Press. I don't make a living. If I were to be 'making a living,' I'd be paid a decent wage for what I'm doing. But I'm not. No surprises there. I've heard of places, far from here where justice and fairness are enforced by law. For all. Regardless of race, creed, colour...everyone is equal. I dream of those places at night.

We are a simple race, myself and my people. Our existence was simple and the dragons took that way from us. I'd like to say I'm angry at them for destroying our land, but it's not as if they had any control over what happened afterward. We didn't lust for power the same way the Proscripts did. We never have. We take what we're given because that's all we're likely to get now, and we have to do our best with what we have or we'll lose everything and more than that, we might lose each other.

Re-education is a joke.

I guess the reason I got out so easily is because I keep to myself. I don't talk much and just go to work each day, doing what I have to do and not asking any questions. It's all very robotic in nature, but I figure the less I stand out the better it'll be for me and my family. I don't want my parents to worry, especially. They feel guilty all the time for what I go through. I think they'd hoped that they'd have found a way out of this by now...but it's hard for them. They have to do what they can to stay safe and keep our family alive. I don't blame them.

They just sat me down and asked me a whole heap of questions. Sometimes they got angry. Sometimes they made threats. Threats against me, my mum, my dad...that sort of thing. I did what I usually do. Gave them the answers they wanted, nothing more. Nothing less. So I got out and got out alive and without any scars. No physical scars anyway.

The cries of the person in the next room probably won't leave me for a while.

Editor's Note: The writer asked that this story be published anonymously.

Woman Carrying Baby While Fleeing Accused of Theft

The GG has just learned from a source close to the woman who was killed yesterday while fleeing from a People's Proscript Party re-education center that what she carried was not the Sword of Flames but instead her infant son.

Cause of death is undetermined, but a large amount of blood observed on her chest area suggests a bullet or knife wound, according to eyewitness testimony.

"Carla Bowen did not steal the Sword of Flames. We left the re-education center together, and there's no possible way she had it then or at any time before her murder.

"Carla was wearing a cloak at the time to hide Connor, and that provided the perfect cover for the Party's scheme to pin the theft on a Grotian," the source explained.

"The Party knew that some Grotians would attempt to escape and clearly planned to pin the theft on one of them.

"Sadly, not only did this young woman and child perish but also her name is now wrongly linked to a crime she did not commit. The responsibility for this lies with PPP President Garfield Jameson" our source said.

Barry Bowen, husband of Carla and father of Connor, was too distraught to comment on this story except to ask for prayers for his family and to ask, "When will this horror end? How many have to die so that Garfield Jameson can continue to harm so many innocent lives?"

Grotians Escape Inhumane Re-education Process

Reports coming in overnight from Grotians who escaped from re-education centers yesterday unanimously paint a portrait of ghastly treatment at the hands of the People's Proscript Party.

At this time most of the escapees are en route to safe houses and unavailable for further comment.

A high-level source who was witness to the program in progress has told the GG that the re-education procedure is "...a brutal and horrifying process."

Members of the Grotian Underground, who worked tirelessly for hours trying to save Grotians, commented on their experiences. "I do it for the Grotians, not for glory," explained Thunderwolf.

Another freedom fighter, Amandel, exclaimed, "I'm no one's teddy bear."

"There must be an end now to the Party's torture tactics. This situation is unacceptable," added a third.

On behalf of all those who lost loved ones yesterday, the GU community asks for prayers for the departed and their families. May they -- and we-- find peace, soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Jameson Orders Searches, Re-education of Grotians

In his latest address regarding the theft of the Sword of Flames from Purity Towers, People's Proscript Party President Edward Jameson calls the Grotian Underground "terrorists" and blames the movement for the sword's theft in spite of a total lack of evidence.

The sword disappeared last Saturday during Proscript Power Day.

"Re-education" of the Grotians has begun, and all of their homes will be searched over the weekend. Further details will be reported as they become available.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Proscripts To Re-educate Grotians Within Zone

The message below has just been posted on the People's Proscript Party's official website at Using your emergency packets will help you stay calm through this process.

*NEWSFLASH: Re-education teams will begin a Zone-wide re-education of all Grotians today. The re-education program will begin with Grotians who have access to official PPP offices and residences, and will continue with all remaining Grotians inside the Zone. We apologize for any delays or inconveniences these teams and their important work may cause*

Rosa Wells Calls For Peaceful Change

Grotian Rosa Wells has launched a new blog as the first initiative in her campaign for peaceful change.

With her rallying call "It is time" at, Wells contrasts the difference between her approach and that of fellow Grotian Underground leader Levi Waltershield.

"We have always had our differences – you being the man of sword, I the woman of word – but we are both fighting on the same side," she explained.

Wells made the decision to step forward after trying unsuccessfully to contact Waltershield, who has not responded to messages for several days.

"I truly believe that each of us needs to make our voices heard," Wells said.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SPECIAL BULLETIN: Health Minister Requests Volunteers

The People's Proscript Party's Minister of Health Olivia Lange has reached out to the Voluntary Action Committee for assistance in handling an unexpected increase in calls to its Mental Health Hotline following the broadcast of the Grotian Underground commercial during Saturday's Proscript Power Day.

"While we are unsure of the precise reason for the flood of calls, we are doing everything in our power to assure that Proscripts receive appropriate care for their strife. For this reason we are issuing a community-wide call for Hotline volunteers to direct our citizens to the appropriate health facilities and agencies," Lange said.

Early reports indicate that Proscripts are exhibiting an increase in sleep disorders, excessive drinking of alcohol, and abuse of a variety of mood-altering substances.

"If you can spare any time at all, please sign up with Mrs. Smarter at the hospital, which houses the Hotline phone banks," Lange noted.

Morning update to this story: The GG has learned from volunteers on the overnight Hotline shift the cause of the Proscripts' distress. Some Proscripts, stunned by the Grotian Underground's video showing the truth about our housing conditions, began asking questions of their trusted workers. Unusual behavior and symptoms were reported in the subsequent hours and days. Mrs. Smarter tells us that additional volunteers still are needed.

Poetry Corner: Dreaming of Archie by Katie

By Katie Ray

Curled up was I upon my mat
And by my side my mother sat
A cold cloth covered my head
I felt only peace, no sense of dread

I dreamed of Archie's smiling face
And traveled to a special place
One where Archie the star is seen
Larger than life on a movie screen

I watch in silence as his mustache gleams,
Thanks to his special conditioning cream.
His smile shines brightly though it's dark as night
His acting glows like pyrotechnic lights

He turns from the screen and faces me
Saying, "Let's go for a cup of tea.
We'll laugh and talk and sing a song.
All people together are getting along."

When I awoke I had to ask:
"Mommy, did that come to pass?"
Will Grotians ever get to be free
To come and go to see Archie?

Monday, August 24, 2009

GG Scoops Archie Rebel News In Exclusive Interview

Archie Rebel, actor and celebrity spokesperson known and adored the
world over, is content to live quietly and enjoy the company of his
agent and masseur, the illustrious performer noted in his recent
interview with The Grotian Grapevine.

Rebel, who appreciates his fans above all others, also takes notice of
the Grotian community, "It's not right that the Grotians get treated
so badly. I remember The Tale of Gregory The Grotian, my favorite book
when I was a boy. Gregory always made such good cakes for the
Proscripts, and one day he was given an opportunity to eat a piece by
himself. That was justice. I like cake."

When asked to elaborate on his affection for cake, Rebel excitedly
asked for a Red Velvet Cake to be delivered to his fan page on
Facebook. He would never deny a fan a piece of cake and said he could
imagine having cake with his Grotian fans in the future -- especially
with eight-year-old Katie, his most devoted fan who is suffering from
pneumonia. "Katie's poem, Archie My Archie, is hanging on my fridge,"
he exclaimed proudly.

While speaking about potential upcoming projects, Rebel discussed his wish to work with Sticky Itchers' Earl and Randy. He sets the scene, "Spotlights on me. Then I say, 'I use Sticky Itchers Shower Scrubs. [pause] Because I'm a MAN.'" He continued, "I'm delighted to hear that Randy and Earl are delivering the Shower Scrubs to Purity Towers, and I'm looking forward to meeting them."

However, before moving on to his next venture, Rebel feels the need to rest. As all of his devoted fans know, he starred in the Creepy Luny Inn Radio Adventure Show as the Seeker, an all-consuming role that was a shocking experience from which he now must recover.

Except for an upcoming photo op planned exclusively for the Archie
Rebel Crew Facebook fan page, Archie spends his days getting massages,
consulting with his agent and meditating on his talent and brilliance.

"I am not really a people person. I like to contemplate on my talent.
I just get so inspired by myself and, of course, by the adoration of
my fans for whom I do everything." He continued, "There's no woman in
my life at the moment, and I'd like to keep it that way."

At the time of Friday's interview, Rebel was looking forward to the
People's Proscript Party Power Day. "Delicious cakes and refreshments
will be served, and I am a big fan of dragons. They are as beautiful
and strong as me."

When asked about the Sword of Flames, Rebel noted that his request to
hold the sword once was denied. "It is locked up really well in a case
near the fountain in the lobby of Purity Towers," he said. [Editor's
note on this developing story: The sword was stolen yesterday, and the
Grotian Underground has been accused by President Garfield Jameson of
the crime.]

Rebel, who recently spoke out on behalf of Grotians, was taken in for questioning by the People's Proscript Party following Saturday's Power Day demonstrations. He was released after a short interview, according to a GG source.

A personal note from Pink Cloud who conducted the audio interview:
Speaking with Archie Rebel raised my confidence in my own strengths
and talents. He emanates so much faith in himself it is absolutely
catching. Grotians, let's not despair! If we keep believing in and
defending the truth, we will succeed. Thank you, Archie, for changing
my life. To the readers: Let's show Archie our adoration by sending
him a Red Velvet Cake to his Facebook fan page!

Grotian-Proscript Hospital Visitors Program Hailed As Success

Sarah Smarter reports great success with the recently implemented Grotian-Proscript Hospital Visitors Program.

Through this program volunteers in all age groups visit a hospitalized patient for at least one hour per week. This program, based at the Proscripts' Edward Jameson Critical Care Center, has seen a growing number of participants each week.

"The cooperation between everyone in our program has been unprecedented," said Smarter who conceived the idea and developed it with her employer, Eleanor Kenny. "We are deeply grateful to the Grotians for their concern for us."

"The faces of the small children brighten visibly when a new playmate shows up, and the doctors think it is speeding the recovery their patients," Smarter added.

Dr. Grant Thomas, son of the retired Surgeon General Phillip Thomas, spoke of one miracle he witnessed when Grotian Elbert Rhoads held the hand of his patient Louis W. Graham, who was critically ill with heart failure. "When Mr. Rhoads came into the room and held my patient's hand and spoke encouraging words to him, the color slowly began to return to his cheeks, and I believe a tragedy was averted."

If you would like to be added to the volunteer roster, please contact Mrs. Smarter via the Hospital's Community Service telephone number.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


The Grotian Grapevine finds it ironic that Dan Framlin, spokesperson for People's Proscript Party, said in yesterday's report on Proscript Power Day that "a sleeping giant has awoken today." GG readers will recall that this phrase is borrowed from a statement made by Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who said following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in World War II, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

Yamamoto knew then what the PPP should know now: a critical error in judgment was made yesterday when a rash conclusion was reached regarding the theft of the Sword of Flames from the Purity Towers lobby area without proper investigation. President Garfield Jameson and his administration should know that the Grotians are a gentle people who do not steal or destroy the property of others; they never have even while living under PPP subjugation. The accusation that it is the work of the Grotian Underground is an outrage and insult to all Grotians.

Grotians, like all citizens everywhere, should have the right to assemble and protest peacefully, as they have done by publicizing the truth about their housing situation. Instead, after speaking their truths, they were forcibly detained and "re-educated." The Grapevine soon will publish reports about precisely what inhumane brainwashing and torture tactics were used by their so-called merciful captors to so quickly subdue the protesters.

Nonetheless, we do not wish for this unfortunate situation to escalate. Therefore, The Grotian Grapevine editors call upon President Jameson and his senior staff to meet with GU leaders to reach common ground so that all parties can live freely and at peace. This inequity cannot, must not, continue on.

Actor Archie Rebel and Biographer Melissa Alsford Speak Out

In an unprecedented show of support for the Grotian Underground, noted actor Archie Rebel and biographer Melissa Alsford both have recorded statements about their own experiences with Grotians.

We thank them for their support and for allowing their words to be broadcast here. Very special thanks to Archie for his shout out to Katie, his greatest fan, who has been very ill with pneumonia.

All of us here at The Grotian Grapevine and members of the Grotian Underground are truly thankful. Please leave your comments and thanks for these two exceptional individuals.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grotians Respond to People's Proscript Party Lies

Editorial: This week the People's Proscript Party posted a photograph of what it claims is a typical Grotian home.

This picture is far from the truth. Members of the Grotian Underground uncovered the real unaltered version of this ramshackle house. Watch for yourself as the truth is shown in this video, and please post it in every public place you can. Spread the word and these lies will not stand.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Believing My Heart And Finding Hope Again

There are times, when the nights are cold and the wind whistles through the cracks in the floorboards and the walls, that I lose hope. There are times when I wonder if my family will ever see the sun again and feel warm under its rays. Life's simple pleasures are few and far between underground, and even when one manages to stumble across one, it brings little joy. Because as quickly as you discover something that brings you happiness here, just as quickly will they take it away from you.

We are not allowed to feel joy here. Our minds must always remain focused on work. Work is all we've been told to expect out of life and so we act accordingly. They've nipped our humanity in the bud and seek to make us little more than drones. Drones that follow obediently, walk in straight lines do what they're told when they're told to do it and nothing more or less. We are slaves. That, dear friends, is what their romanticised story about the great war and its outcome fails to tell you. We were not welcomed with open arms for any other reason than to be enslaved by the Proscript Party in all it's infinite glory.

They sicken me.

At first I was angry. Then afraid. Then angry again. I considered making the most out of what life had dealt me. But fate, fate has no hand in this. This is not my fate nor my destiny, and these cards were not dealt by some higher power. The Proscript Party is not God. They are not King and Country and Ruler. They are scum and now I feel nothing but disgust at the sight of them and all that they stand for. The occasional scraps of kindness we are thrown do nothing to make up for years of Slavery and punishment. I watch them, daily as they stuff their faces and lay around their comfortable homes - reaping the rewards won by the sacrifices of MY PEOPLE.

Perhaps, not for much longer. They've tried to stamp out any chances of a rebellion. Oh they have tried. But you can't treat someone they way we've been treated for so, so long and not expect any consequences. Those consequences are coming. I don't know when and I don't know how, but I know, in my heart I know. And I have to believe what my heart is telling me, because if I don't...then all hope is lost. And without hope, then so are we.


Please share your story with us at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Archie My Archie By Katie

Archie my Archie
Love all that you do
Go to sleep every night
With this picture of you

Archie my Archie
I'm your fan for life
My greatest wish is
To become your wife

Archie my Archie
There's one thing I desire
It's having your picture book
Ours got burned in the fire

Archie my Archie
"The 'Stache" acts the best
In movies and plays
You're above all the rest

Archie my Archie
Will you make my wish come true?
More than anything else
Want to hear an interview with you!

~Katie, age 8

Editor's Note: Katie, your poem is very timely because one of our editors, Pink Cloud, has arranged for an audio interview with Archie Rebel. The date has not been set yet, but it should happen very soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Grotian Children

Who I am is not important, which side I am on is not important. Right now, I am on the side of Humanity. Right now, I'm simply a messenger, for two children. Two children I have never met.

While walking around the outside perimeter of The Zone, I came upon two pictures. These pictures seemed to be drawn by children barely even old enough to fully understand the situation at hand.

They were drawn by two Grotian Children: Devon and Christy. The pictures are attached.

The first picture seems to be a scene of two Grotian children working in the tunnel. Notice that there are no parents around.

The second picture by Christy, which reads:
"I like mr. LW becuz [sic] he likes grotians. Mr. LW will save my mommy and me. When I grow up I will marry mr. LW."

Again, I am not a supporter of either side, I just thought it would be beneficial to put this information out to your blog. Hopefully this can spur people into action.

Thank you, best of luck.


A Child Is Hungry and Confused

I came across this site the other day, and reading all of these stories from people like myself gave me hope. It makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only one out here who wants to change the suffering that we go through. After reading what other people had to say, I realized that I had to chip in too. I'm not as good with words as the others that I have read here, but I have a story that must be told.

I have two children. I'd rather not say any more about them than necessary, for their own protection. When I can, I grab little bits of text from my job to bring home and let them read. They're both quite curious, and are eager to learn. My little one's favorite sections in the paper are always the reader response sections; she loves to read the questions that the editors ask and the readers' responses. Of course, all of these responses are taken from Party members, so everything that she reads is glowing praise of our situation. After reading a few of them, she decided to send in her own response to the recent poll of food quality in the city. She saw that many people were very happy with the variety of foods available in the Zone, and was rather confused, since we rarely have enough to go around the table. When she was done writing it, she gave it to me to mail off. Of course, I could never do that, as it might endanger her, but I kept it as a reminder that my children deserve better than this. What follows are her own words, only modified to fix spelling or grammatical errors.

"Dear Reader's Response,

My name is (REMOVED), and I think that everybody that writes to you are either very confused or very skinny. When my mommy comes home from work, she usually only has a piece of bread and some butter. Mommy says that (REMOVED) (that's my brother) needs to eat a little bit more than we do, because he has to go work and that builds up an appetite. But when we're done, I'm still hungry, and I think Mommy is too. We're lucky, because Daddy gets to eat at his work, so he doesn't need to eat any of the food for dinner. But every time that he says that, Mommy looks at him like she's sad about something. I don't think that they're giving Daddy enough to eat at work, because he's getting skinnier too. If I were Daddy's boss, I would make sure that everybody that worked for me got enough to eat, and then could bring some home after too, in case their kids were hungry.


Hungry Hungry Hippos"

I May Never See The Sun Again

I remember all the stories I was told whilst growing up, about how the glorious PPP helped save us Grotians from extinction during the wars with the dragons. I remember being told, be grateful and subservient to the PPP, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here. I’ve always worked hard, and accepted my place in this society, I’ve rarely ever even spoken to those aboveground, as I’ve always been told to lower my head and not even look at them when they walk past. I’ve always accepted this, as it’s the way it always has been. That is, until recently, whilst doing emergency repair work to a fountain in one of the many parks. A young girl probably about 5 years old wandered over to me and asked what I was doing. I saw no harm in telling her, and she asked lots of questions, children are great they have no discrimination; to her I was just another man, same as all the rest. After a few minutes she offered me one of her sweets, I didn’t even know what it was, apparently it was chocolate, but I didn’t get a chance to taste it. At that moment her mother came running over, screaming for her to get away from me, and accusing me of trying to abduct her daughter. I will never forget the look of horror and fear in this woman’s eyes. That was 4 days ago, I’ve been locked up since then, interrogated, beaten, and then sworn to keep quiet before being allowed home. Why was she so scared of me? I was given a book that had been smuggled underground a few years ago, famous quotes it is called, one of these quotes is now screaming out at me


Is there more to our history than we Grotians know? I may never find out as I am now banned from working aboveground, I will never see the sunlight again, unless!!!!!!!!


Please submit your story to

The Burning


It's the only way a Grotian could even hope to have access to things they may want or need, and even then there is no guarantee they will get it. The Party certainly tries makes sure anything they do not want anymore does not end up in our hands.

But, apparently, they don't try hard enough. Whether they believe us to be so stupid as to not bother to look in certain places, or they just don't think of us at all (a mix of the two, I'm sure), ways can be found to acquire that which we wish for so deeply.

Namely, reading material.

Classic literature, poetry, newspapers, biographies, even picture books (that one with the great actor Archie Rebel and a free cutout mustache is a favorite among us). Anything with words on/in it is greatly valued by most of us in the tunnels, as we are not allowed anything considered too "high class" for us. The ability to read, it seems, is only deemed necessary for those who live above the ground, who are able to use the Sun to read by, who look upon us as nothing more that ignorant fools.

Smuggling only took place before The Burning, however.

One day, (or night, can't be too sure in these damn tunnels) I was sitting in my living area, quietly reading a book, making sure no Party member finds and catches me with this "contraband." My brother bursts in, yelling something about a great fire. I immediately think that maybe the dragons have come back, to wreak havoc once again. Wanting to know more, I follow him into the main tunnel, which is bigger than the rest, and I soon catch a glimpse of crimson red in the distance. As I approach, it becomes apparent that no dragon caused this. Unless this particular dragon had a penchant for book burning, of course.

In the fireplace of the main chamber of the tunnel, a, a mountain, of books, newspapers, any sort of reading material lay burning. I was mesmerized by the sight of it; I could not look away. When I finally did, I looked around and noticed there were others watching it too. Watching, and crying. Crying, for there lay their only form of knowledge and entertainment in this miserable life we live. Crying, for there lay their only hope for a normal life, for them and their children. Crying... crying, for there lay the only thing that connected them to the outside world which they so desperately wish to see, to feel, to hear. To live in.

The Party took all that away from us.

I vaguely remember reading about something like this happening in a novel. The title started with an F... I am sorry, I cannot remember what it was. My memory of it is already starting to fade. With time, I am sure memory of all books will fade, in a world without them.

Editor's Note: The writer refers to Ray Bradbuy's novel Fahrenheit 451.
Please continuing sending your stories to

We are Grotians. We are people.

I am a Grotian
What does that mean?
To the Party, one meaning.
To us, of course, another.

Party members, they see us as:

Are we?
Perhaps. For now.

We see ourselves as:

Are we?

Are we treated as such?

We are forced,
To do all the work.
The Party members, from their towers,
Watch and lurk.

Like vultures, they wait
For us to make a mistake.
If we do,
Our spirit, hope, and will, they take.

- R. A. D. of the Twenty-Fourth Tunnel

Monday, August 17, 2009

NEWS: GG Staffer Receives Horrifying Video

A GG Staffer reports:

OK this is strange - I received from an anonymous source a package through the mail today which contained nothing but an old VHS videotape. Luckily I'm a bit of a luddite so I still have a VHS player. After watching it... wow. I had to upload it to youtube straight away. It appears to be a recording of a radio broadcast featuring an interview with a Grotian refugee... This really highlights just how bad things are for the Grotians, I advise everyone to watch it and pass it on to their friends.

I have uploaded the video to my youtube page here:

Please, please everyone reading, pass on the word, get people aware of how much the Grotians are suffering. This HAS to stop.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today's News: PPP Continues Hunt For L. W.

A rumor reported on the Purity Resistance blog that Levi Watershield, the face of the GU resistance movement, is being hunted by members of the People' s Proscript Party (PPP). L. W., as he prefers to be known, continues to gather support for change. All GU members are encouraged to provide safe housing for this brave leader as he seeks support for our freedom.

Please continue to submit your personal stories and news items to Together, we can make a difference!

Sunday Morning Underground

It is Sunday morning. Above ground, Proscript Party members and their families visit their local houses of worship or magnificent towering cathedrals to worship the God who gives them so much: freedom, sunlight, fresh air, warm homes, every opportunity to learn and grow -- things that every human being should have the right to experience. They should thank God for all they receive.

In this cold and dark place, I thank the Creator for my blessings on this Sunday morning, but it wounds me to the core that I have no place to gather with like-minded people. While I know that we can pray anywhere, I long to do so in one of the beautiful buildings erected to honor the one who gives so much and guides us daily. Why am I denied the opportunity to worship with a group? Why could I not marry in a beautiful dress and walk down a flower-filled aisle in a special temple of worship? What happens to the bodies of Grotians when we are gone? I don't like to think about that last question, but it haunts me because I believe all people should be buried with dignity and respect.

God, do you hear my plea? Or are you just listening to the ones above ground?

~~Faithful One

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Are Grotian

Oppression is not in deeds only. It is in the Proscripts' words, and their words infect our tongues, and our tongues infect our minds, and in this way we learn to doubt ourselves.

How many generations of Grotians have grown up blindly accepting the implication of words such as "grotty", lived out their lives never questioning their assigned place in the world? How many outsiders, never hearing of Grotians or Proscripts, use "underground" carelessly to mean "hidden away"?

Because that is what we are. We are hidden away from the Proscripts, and we are hidden away from ourselves.

If we are to become truly free, then we must first free our souls. We must find ourselves, cast away the words that they put on us like chains to bind our thoughts, stand up to our own self-doubt first. Only then will we be ready to stand up to them.

I have looked in the cracked and grimy mirror. I know what we are. I have examined my soul.

We are Grotian, and we are underground.

We are the undercurrent, the undertones, the subtext, the foundation of your world. Your towers rest on our shoulders and backs. What will happen to them when we shrug them off like the old coats you throw away for us to wear?

We are from beneath, but we are not beneath you. We are the roots of your society, and you will be uprooted. We are rising from the deep.

We are Grotian, and we are underground.

--Asphodel Storm

A Cry For Help...From A Heart Underground

I work all day and I come home to these tunnels, so dark and damp. I wonder if I will ever have a better life.
My cot, it is more like my potato sack that I sleep on, is the only comfort I have. I often go hungry.
The weekly rations are hardly enough to keep me nourished. One meal a day if I want them to last a week.
If I have time when I come home, I imagine what it is like to live in the Towers like the Proscripts.
Is this life in the tunnels the only life I will ever have? I want to break free! I want to live like they do!
My children suffer, they go without a real education. We only teach them the skills to prepare them for work.
My children ask why they are forced to live here, and the only thing I can say to them is "such is the life of a Grotian."
They ask why they have empty bellies, and my wife and I weep. Our children starve and there is nothing we can do about it.
I am so lost as to where to go, who to turn to, I want my children to have a better life than I have now.
I hear tales of an L.W. who tries to help us, I can only pray he or she can really help us have a better life.
I hope my children have a better life someday...they do not deserve to suffer and be forced to work.

All is not fine

Welcome fellow Grotians and all of those who care for us or may be curious about our lives.

Our generation did not make the choice to live as servants and dwell in substandard homes or under the ground. Our parents and their parents became emotional and physical hostages of Edward Jameson and the People's Proscript Party. While it is true that the PPP long ago aided the Grotians in a time of need, it is also true that making us exist as an underclass for all time is unfair and inhumane.

We have been unable hope for better lives for ourselves or our children. We have not had equal access to good food, fresh air, or clean water. Our educational opportunities are limited to training for the jobs we're given. We do not have freedom of movement. Recreation is at the pleasure of the party, and they provide us little of that -- always using the mantra that we are fine as we are.

This space is to be used to tell our stories so that it can no longer be said that we are just fine. We will also use this forum to convey news of our resistance to the status quo. This is an open forum. Everyone's stories, opinions and ideas are welcome here. Speak your truth. We will be heard. Free the Grotians!

Please send your stories and news scoops to: