Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Editorial: Set Us All Free

President Jameson's son remains missing at this hour, and the power outage in the Proscription Zone continues.

While sources say that the Grotian Underground (GU) is responsible for the power outage, it is unclear who is holding the president's son.

The GU never has condoned violence, and the fight for Grotian freedom does not justify the kidnapping of an innocent young man.

Now is the time for calm but firm talk about all of our futures.

On her own It is time blog, Rosa Wells made this appeal, "To those people who have Jameson’s son, and to everyone who tries to discredit us: We, the Grotian Underground, disapprove of the kidnapping! This act stirs only hatred, and what we want is freedom, equality and reparation for the damage we suffered. Set him free!"

We at The GG agree with her position as it mirrors most of the conversations we've had with all of our fellow Grotians over these many weeks.

We want freedom. We want equality. We want justice. We want peace. We do not want anyone to suffer as we have done.

What does this mean in practical terms? Some Grotians want to stay in this area with their families. Others are wounded from a lifetime of oppression and prefer to start new lives somewhere else. We want the freedom to make our individual choices, and we want the financial ability to do so.

We fully support the GU in all non-violent efforts to bring about change, and we call upon those holding the president's son to give him the very freedom we all so desperately desire.

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