Friday, September 4, 2009

There Is More Than One Way To Lose Someone

My Robert's eyes used to glimmer like the clear blue lake where my boss has a vacation home. So bright and blue they would light up a room. I thought about that each time I was taken there to set up the house for the family's summer visit. God gifted Robert with good looks and a gentle soul, and I have been blessed to know and love him.

I saw him briefly after his "re-education." His eyes looked cold and vacant, frozen, empty. It was so shocking to see him that way. My turn was coming up and I dreaded it. Only two people were in line in front of me when the power went out. Security, not knowing what else to do, told us to go home and wait to be brought back.

Whispered rumors say that the Grotian Underground made it happen and saved many of us from torture today. Thank you GU!

Robert should have been there when I arrived. The section of tunnel between our home and the center is pretty direct but he was not here. He is still not here, and no one can tell me where he is now. Has anyone seen my husband? Please get word to me if you know anything. Please.

How can other human beings let this happen?

~Brooke Allenby

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