Saturday, August 15, 2009

All is not fine

Welcome fellow Grotians and all of those who care for us or may be curious about our lives.

Our generation did not make the choice to live as servants and dwell in substandard homes or under the ground. Our parents and their parents became emotional and physical hostages of Edward Jameson and the People's Proscript Party. While it is true that the PPP long ago aided the Grotians in a time of need, it is also true that making us exist as an underclass for all time is unfair and inhumane.

We have been unable hope for better lives for ourselves or our children. We have not had equal access to good food, fresh air, or clean water. Our educational opportunities are limited to training for the jobs we're given. We do not have freedom of movement. Recreation is at the pleasure of the party, and they provide us little of that -- always using the mantra that we are fine as we are.

This space is to be used to tell our stories so that it can no longer be said that we are just fine. We will also use this forum to convey news of our resistance to the status quo. This is an open forum. Everyone's stories, opinions and ideas are welcome here. Speak your truth. We will be heard. Free the Grotians!

Please send your stories and news scoops to:


  1. Funny how the Grotian rebels aren't educated but yet they are posting to blogs with pretty solid grammar...How does one get internet service in the sewers?

  2. We are everywhere, whether you wish to admit this to yourself or not.

  3. Proscript Patriot, the issue of education will be addressed in an upcoming post. You might be surprised what even the most oppressed of people can accomplish.