Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning Underground

It is Sunday morning. Above ground, Proscript Party members and their families visit their local houses of worship or magnificent towering cathedrals to worship the God who gives them so much: freedom, sunlight, fresh air, warm homes, every opportunity to learn and grow -- things that every human being should have the right to experience. They should thank God for all they receive.

In this cold and dark place, I thank the Creator for my blessings on this Sunday morning, but it wounds me to the core that I have no place to gather with like-minded people. While I know that we can pray anywhere, I long to do so in one of the beautiful buildings erected to honor the one who gives so much and guides us daily. Why am I denied the opportunity to worship with a group? Why could I not marry in a beautiful dress and walk down a flower-filled aisle in a special temple of worship? What happens to the bodies of Grotians when we are gone? I don't like to think about that last question, but it haunts me because I believe all people should be buried with dignity and respect.

God, do you hear my plea? Or are you just listening to the ones above ground?

~~Faithful One

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