Monday, August 31, 2009

Grotians Reflect On Weekend Searches

The weekend searches of Grotian homes in the Proscription Zone ordered by President Garfield Jameson have left Grotian hearts and personal objects broken but have renewed the peoples' desire for change. Below are some reflections on what it was like throughout our communities.

This was much worse than I’d imagined. They came in dark clothes with hoods on their heads. Shoved me aside, tore my place apart. ~ Rosa Wells

The tears will not stop. That china cup they broke was the only thing left belonging to my grandmother. It was everything to me. ~ Anonymous

My boss gave me some of his daughter's old books for my son this week. Why did they have to rip those apart? Could a Sword of Flames be hiding in there? ~ Cyrus Smith

How can I tell my children they are safe when they can't be protected in their own home? Michael didn't get up fast enough from his cot, and they yanked him up by his arm. ~ Elliot Eames

Why would I -- or any of us -- take that sword? Look at the destruction to our few possessions! We had no reason to take it. ~ Anonymous

One person benefited from the theft and one only. Admit what you have done and make this right for all people. Then you will be a true leader and someone people will respect. ~ Anonymous

No more! No more! No more! We will not tolerate this abuse any longer. We will be strong and stand together. As Rosa Wells has said so eloquently, "It is time." ~ Wilson Benson

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