Sunday, August 30, 2009

Woman Carrying Baby While Fleeing Accused of Theft

The GG has just learned from a source close to the woman who was killed yesterday while fleeing from a People's Proscript Party re-education center that what she carried was not the Sword of Flames but instead her infant son.

Cause of death is undetermined, but a large amount of blood observed on her chest area suggests a bullet or knife wound, according to eyewitness testimony.

"Carla Bowen did not steal the Sword of Flames. We left the re-education center together, and there's no possible way she had it then or at any time before her murder.

"Carla was wearing a cloak at the time to hide Connor, and that provided the perfect cover for the Party's scheme to pin the theft on a Grotian," the source explained.

"The Party knew that some Grotians would attempt to escape and clearly planned to pin the theft on one of them.

"Sadly, not only did this young woman and child perish but also her name is now wrongly linked to a crime she did not commit. The responsibility for this lies with PPP President Garfield Jameson" our source said.

Barry Bowen, husband of Carla and father of Connor, was too distraught to comment on this story except to ask for prayers for his family and to ask, "When will this horror end? How many have to die so that Garfield Jameson can continue to harm so many innocent lives?"

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