Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grotians Escape Inhumane Re-education Process

Reports coming in overnight from Grotians who escaped from re-education centers yesterday unanimously paint a portrait of ghastly treatment at the hands of the People's Proscript Party.

At this time most of the escapees are en route to safe houses and unavailable for further comment.

A high-level source who was witness to the program in progress has told the GG that the re-education procedure is "...a brutal and horrifying process."

Members of the Grotian Underground, who worked tirelessly for hours trying to save Grotians, commented on their experiences. "I do it for the Grotians, not for glory," explained Thunderwolf.

Another freedom fighter, Amandel, exclaimed, "I'm no one's teddy bear."

"There must be an end now to the Party's torture tactics. This situation is unacceptable," added a third.

On behalf of all those who lost loved ones yesterday, the GU community asks for prayers for the departed and their families. May they -- and we-- find peace, soon.

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