Monday, August 24, 2009

GG Scoops Archie Rebel News In Exclusive Interview

Archie Rebel, actor and celebrity spokesperson known and adored the
world over, is content to live quietly and enjoy the company of his
agent and masseur, the illustrious performer noted in his recent
interview with The Grotian Grapevine.

Rebel, who appreciates his fans above all others, also takes notice of
the Grotian community, "It's not right that the Grotians get treated
so badly. I remember The Tale of Gregory The Grotian, my favorite book
when I was a boy. Gregory always made such good cakes for the
Proscripts, and one day he was given an opportunity to eat a piece by
himself. That was justice. I like cake."

When asked to elaborate on his affection for cake, Rebel excitedly
asked for a Red Velvet Cake to be delivered to his fan page on
Facebook. He would never deny a fan a piece of cake and said he could
imagine having cake with his Grotian fans in the future -- especially
with eight-year-old Katie, his most devoted fan who is suffering from
pneumonia. "Katie's poem, Archie My Archie, is hanging on my fridge,"
he exclaimed proudly.

While speaking about potential upcoming projects, Rebel discussed his wish to work with Sticky Itchers' Earl and Randy. He sets the scene, "Spotlights on me. Then I say, 'I use Sticky Itchers Shower Scrubs. [pause] Because I'm a MAN.'" He continued, "I'm delighted to hear that Randy and Earl are delivering the Shower Scrubs to Purity Towers, and I'm looking forward to meeting them."

However, before moving on to his next venture, Rebel feels the need to rest. As all of his devoted fans know, he starred in the Creepy Luny Inn Radio Adventure Show as the Seeker, an all-consuming role that was a shocking experience from which he now must recover.

Except for an upcoming photo op planned exclusively for the Archie
Rebel Crew Facebook fan page, Archie spends his days getting massages,
consulting with his agent and meditating on his talent and brilliance.

"I am not really a people person. I like to contemplate on my talent.
I just get so inspired by myself and, of course, by the adoration of
my fans for whom I do everything." He continued, "There's no woman in
my life at the moment, and I'd like to keep it that way."

At the time of Friday's interview, Rebel was looking forward to the
People's Proscript Party Power Day. "Delicious cakes and refreshments
will be served, and I am a big fan of dragons. They are as beautiful
and strong as me."

When asked about the Sword of Flames, Rebel noted that his request to
hold the sword once was denied. "It is locked up really well in a case
near the fountain in the lobby of Purity Towers," he said. [Editor's
note on this developing story: The sword was stolen yesterday, and the
Grotian Underground has been accused by President Garfield Jameson of
the crime.]

Rebel, who recently spoke out on behalf of Grotians, was taken in for questioning by the People's Proscript Party following Saturday's Power Day demonstrations. He was released after a short interview, according to a GG source.

A personal note from Pink Cloud who conducted the audio interview:
Speaking with Archie Rebel raised my confidence in my own strengths
and talents. He emanates so much faith in himself it is absolutely
catching. Grotians, let's not despair! If we keep believing in and
defending the truth, we will succeed. Thank you, Archie, for changing
my life. To the readers: Let's show Archie our adoration by sending
him a Red Velvet Cake to his Facebook fan page!

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  1. The GG editor wishes to express our deepest appreciation to the amazing Archie Rebel for his generosity in agreeing to this interview and for sharing so much personal information with us exclusively. If possible your Grotian fans adore you even more now!

    Additionally, special thanks to Pink Cloud for conducting this awesome and enlightening interview and especially for sharing the story of how Archie touched you personally. We all will send cake in your honor!