Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Poetry Corner: Dreaming of Archie by Katie

By Katie Ray

Curled up was I upon my mat
And by my side my mother sat
A cold cloth covered my head
I felt only peace, no sense of dread

I dreamed of Archie's smiling face
And traveled to a special place
One where Archie the star is seen
Larger than life on a movie screen

I watch in silence as his mustache gleams,
Thanks to his special conditioning cream.
His smile shines brightly though it's dark as night
His acting glows like pyrotechnic lights

He turns from the screen and faces me
Saying, "Let's go for a cup of tea.
We'll laugh and talk and sing a song.
All people together are getting along."

When I awoke I had to ask:
"Mommy, did that come to pass?"
Will Grotians ever get to be free
To come and go to see Archie?

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