Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Grotian Children

Who I am is not important, which side I am on is not important. Right now, I am on the side of Humanity. Right now, I'm simply a messenger, for two children. Two children I have never met.

While walking around the outside perimeter of The Zone, I came upon two pictures. These pictures seemed to be drawn by children barely even old enough to fully understand the situation at hand.

They were drawn by two Grotian Children: Devon and Christy. The pictures are attached.

The first picture seems to be a scene of two Grotian children working in the tunnel. Notice that there are no parents around.

The second picture by Christy, which reads:
"I like mr. LW becuz [sic] he likes grotians. Mr. LW will save my mommy and me. When I grow up I will marry mr. LW."

Again, I am not a supporter of either side, I just thought it would be beneficial to put this information out to your blog. Hopefully this can spur people into action.

Thank you, best of luck.


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