Monday, August 17, 2009

NEWS: GG Staffer Receives Horrifying Video

A GG Staffer reports:

OK this is strange - I received from an anonymous source a package through the mail today which contained nothing but an old VHS videotape. Luckily I'm a bit of a luddite so I still have a VHS player. After watching it... wow. I had to upload it to youtube straight away. It appears to be a recording of a radio broadcast featuring an interview with a Grotian refugee... This really highlights just how bad things are for the Grotians, I advise everyone to watch it and pass it on to their friends.

I have uploaded the video to my youtube page here:

Please, please everyone reading, pass on the word, get people aware of how much the Grotians are suffering. This HAS to stop.


  1. This is so shocking! I had been wondering where people have gone, but as a single mother of five children struggling to survive I just forgot about it. Who is this L.W. the poor man was speaking of?

  2. Thanks for your comment Martha. L. W. is Levi Waltershield, leader of the Purity Resistance. Check out his blog here: