Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Archie My Archie By Katie

Archie my Archie
Love all that you do
Go to sleep every night
With this picture of you

Archie my Archie
I'm your fan for life
My greatest wish is
To become your wife

Archie my Archie
There's one thing I desire
It's having your picture book
Ours got burned in the fire

Archie my Archie
"The 'Stache" acts the best
In movies and plays
You're above all the rest

Archie my Archie
Will you make my wish come true?
More than anything else
Want to hear an interview with you!

~Katie, age 8

Editor's Note: Katie, your poem is very timely because one of our editors, Pink Cloud, has arranged for an audio interview with Archie Rebel. The date has not been set yet, but it should happen very soon.

1 comment:

  1. Katie, I've just received a message from Archie Rebel himself. It says, "An adorable poem indeed. And all of it about me. It should be published in an anthology of great poems in between Shakespeare and Wordsworth."

    The Editor